The Family-Owned Business Institute at The University of Tulsa has created a vibrant educational and networking family business forum within the Tulsa business community, that is unique and distinct from other business organizations as well as from what other colleges and universities in the State of Oklahoma offer.  Together we address the hard questions and provide information on how to handle the issues that stress many family businesses today.

In addition, the TU College of Business offers specialized courses in Family Business Management covering the legal, management, and financial challenges unique to family-owned enterprises. Together, the College of Business Administration and the Family-Owned Business Institute at the University of Tulsa are providing students and family-business owners with the tools to meet today's challenges and preserve the successful family business heritage for generations to come.

Who would benefit from membership?

  • First, second, or third generation owners of a family firm who can discuss the unique challenges of being part of a family firm, such as succession, estate planning, and conflict resolution.

  • Members of the next generation who are planning to one day make the transition from college or work outside of the firm to becoming part of the family business.

  • Advisor affiliated with family firms can learn how to navigate this very real but invisible boundary between family issues and business issues.


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