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Something Special for Your Organization?

We welcome the opportunity to talk with you about your learning needs and to either tweak a program that we already have or create a new one especially for you and your team.

Not sure if it is a training problem?  We have a resident consultant on staff that is happy to help you assess the bottom line problem.  Perhaps it is a process issue, a managerial problem or other obstacle.   All the training in the world can’t improve performance if training isn’t the problem.

We have customized many of our public courses for companies who have identified specific training targets.  The TU Mini-MBA can be modified to create a longer or shorter certificate program based on your core learning objectives.  Our instructors are happy to incorporate your company lingo, annual report financials, application to a special initiative and more. 

Our Art of Teambuilding, which we developed with the Glass Blowing School, can easily be customized to build a better team from the top down.  Let’s talk about what’s holding your organization back.

The Zodiak Financial Strategies Game we use in our No-Snore Finance and Accounting can be tweaked to reflect the language of the CFO and customized around your financial statements.  We are happy to team up with your CFO to co-teach this course. 

These are just samples of the in-house training opportunities.  Email me with your questions and your objectives or call and let’s talk about performance improvement for your group.

Linda Adlof, Director